These results for 2022 have been certified by the Race Committee.

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1Team Australia87:40:44
2Team Fast Forward Composites90:35:38
3Team Rudee's91:45:38
4Rocket 88 Racing94:30:13
5Team Allen96:47:15
6The Clean Sailors98:40:40
7Team Sonnenklar102:05:56
8Team Outer Banks104:23:31
9Cat in the Hat111:30:55
10Way of Life112:04:22
11Team Restream117:35:09
12Team Recreational8122:01:55
13Team Netherlands125:07:57


PlaceTeamElapsed Time
1Team Rudee's06:28:25
2Team Fast Forward Composites06:53:33
3Team Australia06:57:04
4The Clean Sailors06:59:45
5Team Allen07:04:11
6Team Sonnenklar07:04:42
7Rocket 88 Racing07:12:38
8Team Restream07:22:10
9Team Outer Banks08:20:02
10Way of Life08:52:36
11Team Recreational809:38:41
12Cat in the Hat10:24:20
13Team Netherlands11:19:48


1Team Australia11:36:09
2Team Fast Forward Composites12:23:51
3Rocket 88 Racing12:33:21
4Team Sonnenklar13:13:40
5(Tie)Team Outer Banks19:13:40
5(Tie)Way of Life19:13:40
5(Tie)The Clean Sailors19:13:40
5(Tie)Team Netherlands19:13:40
5(Tie)Cat in the Hat19:13:40
5(Tie)Team Allen19:13:40
5(Tie)Team Rudee's19:13:40
5(Tie)Team Restream19:13:40
5(Tie)Team Recreational819:13:40

Cocoa->Daytona ***CANCELLED*****



1Team Rudee's08:35:08
2Team Allen08:59:33
3Team Australia09:04:36
4Team Sonnenklar09:24:44
5Team Fast Forward Composites09:27:58
6Team Outer Banks09:39:02
7The Clean Sailors09:43:22
8Rocket 88 Racing10:29:29
9Way of Life10:36:43
10Cat in the Hat11:28:29
11Team Recreational812:07:35
12Team Netherlands12:40:40
DNSTeam Restream
*DNS Penalty Assessed*


1Team Rudee's14:46:01
2Team Australia14:46:47
3The Clean Sailors15:05:43
4Team Restream15:15:31
5Team Allen15:23:31
6Team Fast Forward Composites15:30:27
7Team Outer Banks17:21:47
8Rocket 88 Racing17:27:24
9Team Netherlands18:33:06
10Cat in the Hat19:10:59
11Way of Life19:23:02
12Team Recreational819:44:26
*1-Hour Penalty for Crew Substitution Assessed
13Team Sonnenklar19:45:36

Tybee->Folly Beach

1Team Rudee's06:18:55
2Team The Clean Sailors06:27:20
3Team Allen06:29:19
4Team Australia06:34:37
5Team Restream06:35:15
6Team Outer Banks06:37:16
7Team Sonnenklar06:41:51
8Rocket 88 Racing06:43:06
9Cat in the Hat06:48:50
10Team Fast Forward Composites06:54:05
11Team Recreational807:00:26
12Way of Life07:03:36
13Team The Neherlands07:58:53

Folly Beach->Surfside

1The Clean Sailors 05:43:36
2Team Rudee's06:00:55
3Team Allen06:26:56
4Team Australia06:27:04
5Rocket 88 Racing06:32:43
6Team Sonnenklar06:37:33
7Team Restream06:44:17
8Team Fast Forward Composites06:45:11
9Team Recreational807:00:23
10Team Outer Banks07:05:04
11Cat in the Hat07:25:23
12Way of Life07:48:48
DNFTeam Netherlands
*DNF Penalty Assessed*


1Team Rudee's08:36:39
2Team Australia09:12:53
3Team Fast Forward Composites09:48:51
4Team Allen09:56:07
5Rocket 88 Racing10:03:40
6Team Outer Banks10:33:33
7Way of Life11:24:01
8Cat in the Hat11:25:26
9Team Restream11:33:35
10The Clean Sailors13:35:54
11Team Recreational813:38:26
12Team Sonnenklar14:38:16
13Team Netherlands15:05:53

Wrightsville->Atlantic Beach

1Team Rudee's06:36:21
2The Clean Sailors06:54:06
3Team Allen06:58:21
4Team Fast Forward Composites06:59:39
5Rocket 88 Racing07:02:46
6Team Sonnenklar07:07:12
7Team Australia07:08:11
8Team Restream07:16:37
9Team Recreational807:20:35
10Team Outer Banks07:32:54
11Cat in the Hat07:33:34
12Team Netherlands08:18:47
13Way of Life08:33:46

Atlantic Beach->Hatteras

1The Clean Sailors05:11:07
2Team Australia05:40:06
3Team Rudee's05:41:04
4Team Fast Forward Composites05:41:19
5Cat in the Hat05:50:40
6Rockett 88 Racing05:59:41
7Team Sonnenklar06:17:12
8Team Allen06:31:30
9Team Outer Banks07:26:28
10Team Netherlands07:28:58
11Way of Life
*Granted Redress
12Team Recreational808:31:39
DNFTeam Restream
*DNF Penalty Assessed

Hatteras->Kill Devil Hills

1The Clean Sailors04:34:03
2Team Rudee's04:37:14
3Team Restream04:40:12
4Team Allen04:46:10
5Team Fast Forward Composites04:47:29
6Rocket 88 Racing04:53:45
7Team Outer Banks04:54:47
8Team Australia04:58:28
9Team Recreational804:58:59
10Team Netherlands05:02:22
11Team Sonnenklar05:16:37
12Cat in the Hat05:22:29
13Way of Life05:29:38

Kill Devil Hills->Virginia Beach

1Team Rudee's04:51:16
2Team Allen04:57:57
3The Clean Sailors05:12:04
4Team Australia05:14:49
5Team Fast Forward Composites05:23:15
6Team Restream05:24:48
7Rocket 88 Racing05:31:40
8Team Netherlands05:37:02
9Team Outer Banks05:38:58
10Way of Life05:50:08
11Team Sonnenklar05:58:33
12Cat in the Hat06:47:05
*Assessed DNF Penalty