Throughout it's history, this epic race has seen its highs, lows, drama & excitement - even a few name changes.

Through it all, a worldwide community of loyal followers, fans and sailors have kept it alive. This dedicated page has been created with them in mind - to honor not only those who are mentioned, but all who took part.

Through countless hours of research, the information presented has been thoroughly vetted to the best of our ability and resources.

We thank you - everyone - for being a part of the ongoing journey.....

Fair Winds, Fast Sailing - Your Worrell 1000 Team

Year# of EntrantsBoat Type(s) AllowedWinner(s)Notes
1974Just 2 - the result of a bar bet!Hobie 16Michael Worrell & crewman Steve McGarrettThe beginning of it all.....The brothers sailed from VA Beach to FL - Only Michael made it and it took him over 20 days. He and Steve made it to Ft. Lauderdale.
19765Hobie 16Michael Worrell / Guerry Beatson24-hour continuous format. Called the "Worrell Bros. Coastwise Race". Only 1 boat of the 5 finish.
19778Hobie 16Michael Worrell / Gene Landers / Tom Wickenhauser24-hour continuous format. 4 boats finished. Called the "Worrell Bros. Coastwise Race"
19787Hobie 16Michael Worrell / Gene Landers / Joe E. Lungwitz24-hour continuous format. Called the "Worrell Bros. Coastwise Race"
19799Hobie 16Team Heritage Transmission: Ron Anthony / Tom Reed / Robert Perrin24-hour continuous format. Shortened name to "Worrell 1000"
19809Hobie 16Team Peabody's (New Zealand); Rob Perrin / Rob Jeavouns / Andy Stagg24-hour format: Total elapsed time for winner: 4 days, 11 hours, 49 minutes
198111Hobie 16Team Australia; Brett Dryland / Don Wood / Rod WaterhouseFirst time in Worrell history the race was delayed (36 hours) due to 40-knot gale force winds at the Cape. Only 7 boats finish.
198210Hobie 16Team USA: Carlton Tucker / Hobie Alter Jr. / Miles Wood"Pit Stop" record of 8 seconds set by Team Tidewater @Cape Hatteras checkpoint
198311Hobie 16Team Australia; Brett Dryland / Rod Waterhouse1st year with overnight stops format. Last year that Ron Anthony raced - He passed away July of that year
198410Hobie 16Team Rudee's; Dean Froome / Enrique FigueroaThe year one of the grounds crew lost their jeep when it was swept out to sea
198511Switched to 20' & Under RuleTeam Sandwich Island: Randy Smyth / Jay Glaser1st year open to custom & stock boats 20' length x 8' beam. The fleet included a modified Hobie 18, Nacra 5.8's, G-Cat 5.7's, Supercat 19's & 19' Stampede
1986520' & Under RuleTeam Dominos Pizza; Greg Richardson / Roy SeamanOnly 3 boats finish; National Geographic filmed a documentary that aired on the (then) Turner Network (National Geographic Explorer)
1987620' & Under RuleTeam Hall's Auto World; Roy Seaman / Al EtheridgeTeam Graphiti (Wayne Mooneyham & Michael Bender) rescued by Coast Guard after ramming the Oregon Inlet Bridge destroying their boat. Only 5 boats finish.
198813Updated to 20' Only Rule - TWO Classes allowed:; Open & Modified ProductionOpen Class - Team Australia; Ian Bashford / Rod Waterhouse

Modified Production Class - Team Bliss; Rick Bliss / Steve Tartaglino
Last leg cancelled, Australia declared the winner by the OA of that time. Rick Bliss/Steve Tartagliano continued to sail to VA Beach. Called the "WORLD 1000"
19891120' Only RuleTeam Super Lube; Randy Smyth / Kevin Burnham2nd, Australia; 3rd, Russia; 4th, Loctite (Onsgard/Casto); 5th, Tartaglino/Najmy - Only 5 finishers. Called the "WORLD 1000"
1990 - 1996NO RACES---
19971320' Only RuleTeam Chick's Beach; Randy Smyth / Jason SneedIt's return hailed as a "Production Class Event" Only 6 boats finish.
19982120' Only RuleTeam Chick's Beach; Randy Smyth / Jason SneedCourse Record Set: 75:17, stood until 2002
Only 7 boats finish
19991320' Only RuleTeam Chick's Beach; Randy Smyth / Keith NotaryRandy wins despite an infected rope burn on his right leg
200019Nacra Inter 20Team Blockade Runner; Randy Smyth / Matt Struble15 of the 19 teams finish
200121Nacra Inter 20Alexander's on the Bay; Brian Lambert / Jamie LivingstonFirst time an all female team participated: Katie Petitbone & Eleanor Hay.
16 of 21 teams finish
200225Nacra Inter 20Alexander's on the Bay; Brian Lambert / Jamie LivingstonCourse Record Set: 71:32:55 - Still Stands
2003 - 2018NO RACES---
20193Carbon 20 / F18Team Australia; Rod Waterhouse / Beau WhiteDubbed the "Worrell 1000 Reunion Race"
2022 (no event in 2020 or 2021)13F18Team Australia; Rod Waterhouse & Chris Way12 of 13 teams finish; Cocoa to Daytona leg had to be cancelled due to logistics issues.
2024 Worrell Brothers 50th Anniversary - "Celebrating the Spark that lit the Flame"12F18Team Australia 1; Brett Burvill & Max Puttman11 of 12 boats finish; Severe weather and low winds caused 2 unintended "night legs"
2026 Details Coming Soon!!!!! F18