2021 Worrell 1000

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 Dear Worrell 1000 Participants and Fans,

      In the process of ongoing permitting and planning for the 2021 Race, the OA has become aware of some possible event and scheduling conflicts at some of the checkpoints.  This has necessitated a change in the previously published race dates.  The 2021 Worrell 1000 will now be shifted to the right by a week.  The new final race dates have been updated here in the Official NoR.

    As we are still about a year out we hope this will not cause any problems and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, however, the OA felt it necessary as we endeavor to put on the highest quality event we can for all.    As always please feel free to contact the OA with any issues or concerns.


The Worrell 1000 Race Organizing Authority





In this crazy time that we’re all in, your Worrell 1000 Race OA and volunteers are still meeting (virtually!) and solidifying plans for the 2021 event. We extend our best wishes to all of you and hope that we come out on the other side of this, unscathed and hitting the tiller under fresh breezes!

With that said – we would like to announce a very special award that will make its debut in 2021 & be a perpetual part of our event.

We all know a sailor or two who have helped us in our journey to be better at & on our craft – those that selflessly offer their advice, their expertise, their wisdom and capable assistance. We saw this exemplified last year with Brett White from Team Australia – and we, as the Worrell Team, felt that recognizing folks like him should be the norm – and so – with the permission of a very special lady’s family, we have created The Sandra Tartaglino Memorial Sportsmanship Award.

For those that knew Sandra, she was a world class competitive sailor, well known in the high-performance racing world as one of the few female skippers of Formula 18s, even serving as USF18 Class Treasurer. A true lover of multi-hulls, she raced in several classes including Nacra 6.0s, Hobie 16s, Nacra 17s and more – Including the Worrell 1000, for which she competed with various skippers over numerous years. Her passion as a skipper included a special gift for educating many a willing student. Her competitive spirit and love for sailing was and still is, inspiring. She was the kind of soul that picked up everyone around her.

For each Worrell 1000, the OA and Race Committee will determine the honoree and announce them at the awards ceremony. A perpetual trophy will have their name proudly engraved and they will receive a plaque of recognition to keep. The trophy will be displayed at every Worrell awards banquet from now on. And although we are not the 1st to honor our friend Sandra – we are proud to be counted among those who have and still do. Fair winds, safe sailing – See you next May!


 “The Worrell 1000 Race” is an offshore long-distance beach catamaran sailboat race to be held in May 2021 in the Atlantic waters between Florida and Virginia Beach, VA. The race will cover approximately 1000 miles with overnight stops at multiple locations along the East Coast of the United States. The Organizing Authority (OA) for the 2021 Worrell 1000 Race will be “Worrell 1000 Race Reunion Race, Inc.”, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, (dba “Worrell 1000 Race”).

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2021  Entries

1T SquaredGoodall C2Trey SunderlandTerra Bailey
2Team Australia 1Goodall C2Rod WaterhouseBeau White
3Team OBXNacra F18Hardy PetersJames Eaton
4Team The NetherlandsNacra Mk3Gerard LoosPieter van Ruitenburg
5The A TeamWildcatMark GriffithTBD
6Way of LifeF18Stefan RumpfRotger Barich
7Team Australia 2C2Brett WhiteLachie White
8HomkiaF18 Cirrus R2Emeric DaryJoris Cocaud
9South AfricaShaun FerryBlane Dodds
10Evolution Sails/Sailing IncNacra F18Stephen AntworthCrisp McDonald
11Cat in the HatNacra F18Larry FerberZack Panetti
12Pura VidaGoodall C2Christopher GreenChristian Vuerings
13Team CastrolNacra F18Jared SonnenklarTBD
14DISMOGoodall C2Pierre ArbonaTBD
15Team Rudee'sTBDRandy SmythTBD

2021  Entry Alternates

1Easy TigerC3Chris WayRachel Bower
2Vampire ProjectF18 EdgeWilliam SunnucksMark Self
3Badjao YachtsTBDMark LaruffaTBD
4Kiss My AftGoodall C2Andrew BoydThorin Zielmaker
5Wet YetiF18John CaseyColin Page
6SwiftSureF18 EvolutionJustin HeapPaul Vernon

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