The Worrell 1000 Race, our Board, volunteers, and staff are dedicated to the principle of environmental stewardship. Our passion for beach catamaran racing brings us into direct contact with habitat and coastal environments that merit and require our personal involvement in restoration and preservation efforts. For the 2019 race, we worked closely with local and state-level volunteer organizations at select checkpoints with coordinated beach cleanups to show the residents and businesses in these beach communities that we were grateful for their hospitality, and that we were good stewards of the ocean and shoreline along our route.

Our team is working, too, with the regulatory community and volunteer organizations dedicated to the protection and preservation of sensitive habitat. May is sea turtle nesting season, and since the beginnings of the Worrell in 1974, we’re proud that we’ve successfully protected and helped preserve turtle nesting sites all along the Atlantic coastline. Hand-in-hand with local volunteers, we help mark and protect nests, and eliminate nighttime light sources that can negatively impact nesting habits in and near developed beach communities.

For 2022 we have teamed up with Bonnie Mitchell, Coastal Education Coordinator for a beach cleanup on May 17th in Wrightsville on the Sound Side of the Host Hotel, The Blockade Runner. Bonnie states: "The North Carolina Coastal Federation is really excited to partner with the Worrell 1000 Race this year! We are so grateful for their strong sense to protect our coastal waters. Also, it is really fun for me personally because my Uncle Rock Bell took home 5th place in the 1983 Worrell 1000 Race." Look for us the afternoon of the 17th and help us out if you would like!